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Women and Investing

In recent years, we have seen women break the glass ceiling in several industries, yet they still face financial challenges that are unique to them. 

Investment Choices
Women view investing as an extension of their core values rather than just a way to earn money. While having financial goals, they want to invest in companies that align with their social and environmental values. This is where Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) come into play. SRI’s take into account environmental, social, and governance factors, and allow women to allocate their funds in ways that align with their personal values.

Holistic Planning
For women, a financial plan that is holistic and considers not just their personal financial goals, but those of their families is essential. For instance, women might save to be able to take
time off work to care for children or elderly loved ones. Women also need a financial plan that will prepare them to be financially secure on their own, as their life expectancy is longer than men’s.

Financial Literacy
Having a solid grasp on financial literacy is supremely important. Yet, women typically receive less financial advice, often making them less confident and knowing when it comes to making investment decisions. The good news is there are many online resources that women can use to improve their knowledge of investing basics. Additionally, one-on-one meetings with professional financial advisors can help women gain a better understanding of their financial plan and portfolio.

Overcoming these challenges as a woman can be manageable with proper guidance and support. Our team of trusted financial advisors is here to support you at every step on your journey to success. Book an appointment today.


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