Ownership means
sharing in success.

Staying true to our co-operative principles, we’re always committed to working together for the best interest of our Members. Together, we can strengthen our communities and make a difference. 

Community ​Investment

Learn about how we give back to our communities.

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Members ​First

Ownership means sharing in our success. Learn about how we put you first.

Strengthening our community.

Supporting the local communities we serve is at the core of who, and what, we are as an organization, which is why we invest more for every dollar of business each year than the big banks do. 

You, our Members, make it possible to support local programs, groups, events and services that are important to the growth and development of the places we work, live and play in. 

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We don’t encourage success; we live by it. We foster a positive culture that encourages our Team to grow and maximize their potential.