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The Value of Having ​a Financial Advisor

Managing your money can be stressful. Whether you’re concerned about your finances, struggling to maintain a budget, or worried about saving for retirement, getting to your financial goals is easier with a little help.

Investors with comprehensive financial plans reported higher levels of well-being.


Meanwhile, the value of having a financial advisor increases over time, as shown by the difference in household financial assets attributable to financial advice.


Advised households also save twice as much as non-advised households based on the % of their income.


At Copperfin, we strive to be

  • Knowledgeable - We have the experts on hand to help you with everything from traditional banking and borrowing to more complex estate planning or protection needs
  • Convenient - Our decisions are made locally, so you don't have to send it off to another office or contact in who knows where
  • Personalized - We promote peace of mind by helping you create a plan specific to your unique financial situation
  • Values-based - We offer Socially Responsible Investment (RI) options, so you can do well, while doing good
  • Unbiased - Our role is to provide professional, unbiased advice about how to best achieve your financial goals

Contact an Advisor today for advice to move your financial life forward.


Need advice? Just ask.

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