About Us

We're invested in moving your Life Forward.

In November of 2008, two Kenora based credit unions with deep community roots joined forces to become Copperfin Credit Union. Over the years, the successful growth in the Kenora market allowed us to expand into the surrounding areas. In May of 2013, Thunder Bay based Superior Credit Union merged with Copperfin to form Northwestern Ontario’s largest locally owned credit union. 

Today, we're proud to provide our Members a modern, conversational credit union that specializes in personalized advice and unique financial solutions to move your life forward.

At Copperfin, you're not just a Member, you're an owner.

The well-being of our Members and the communities we serve is the reason we exist. It goes back to our co-operative principles and values of putting our Members first in everything we do. We’re committed to supporting local opportunities, profit sharing and finding unique ways to achieve your financial goals. 

Meet Our Leadership Team 

Our team is comprised of proud professionals living in Northwestern Ontario who are guided by our Board of Directors and supported by our Senior Leaders. We always represent our Members’ best interests while demonstrating unique ways to move their lives forward. 

Our Senior Leaders

Dennis Alvestad - President/Chief Executive Officer
Allison Kasper - SVP Corporate Risk
Evan Neufeld - VP Marketing & Community Investment
Kris Mork - VP Operations
Lanie Cerasuolo - VP People & Culture
Patti Edie - SVP Governance
Steve Marquis - VP Advice & Member Experience
Wendy Fulton - SVP Finance & Treasury

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Our Board of Directors

Scott Kennedy, Chair – My greatest satisfaction, serving on the Copperfin Board, is knowing that the decisions we make and the services we provide make a substantial contribution to the quality of our Members lives.

Dave Moscall, Vice Chair – The pleasure of serving on the Board of Copperfin is seeing the support that our family can provide to your family. The success of our Members makes the hard work we do worthwhile.

Kevin Burns – Co-operatives like Copperfin have always been about people giving others a hand up. The work I do as a Board Director helps me remember that we all need that hand sometimes and provides me with a means to give back.

Jordan Calonego –  Key to our community’s complete health is the financial health of our citizens and small businesses. Copperfin is the largest locally owned and controlled financial institution in Northwestern Ontario and I’m proud to be a part of our continued success in supporting our Members Life Forward.

Tony Carfagnini –  I have always had an interest in business, social responsibility and providing service to others. It’s a pleasure to combine those interests and work with talented and experienced Board members who share those values.

Joan Drotar –  I feel that my most valuable contributions to the Copperfin Board would be consistency and reliability. A commitment to quality and steady contributions to the team’s success.

Paul Fregeau –  I take the role of Director seriously and work hard, with a like minded group of individuals, to strike a balance between improving the lives of Members, having a positive impact on the community and sustaining a viable business entity in a rapidly changing business environment.

Robert Jankovic – As a lifelong credit union member it's a privilege to serve on the Board of the largest locally owned credit union in Northwestern Ontario. Working to help our Members and communities is an experience I take great pride in.

Brandon Penfold – It’s a privilege to serve on a Board composed of such passionate, community-minded people. I am thankful for the opportunity to engage and invest in my community in a meaningful way.

Kevin Squissata – I can say firsthand, Copperfin truly understands our market and their Members’ needs. I look forward to continuing to help and contribute to Copperfin’s community growth any way I can.

Simone Tarrant –  Serving our local community is one way I enjoy showing my appreciation for the opportunities I've had living in this beautiful region. Board membership allows me to share my knowledge and experience as we together grow our credit union for the benefit of all our Members.

Copperfin 2019 Annual Report