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Socially Responsible Investing 101

Socially Responsible Investing is, like all investing, a way to grow your money for the future. But, when you invest responsibly, your money is not just working for you and your family, it’s working for everyone.

Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) take into consideration not only financial success, but also environmental, social and governance factors. Do companies treat employees fairly and equally? Are they respectful of the communities where they do business? How do they treat the planet? Do their boards of directors reflect the diversity of their workforce? Do their products hurt people?

Our Mutual Fund provider, NEI Investments, were the first in Canada to offer a socially responsible investment fund. Aside from company evaluations, they influence the way companies are run through proxy voting and shareholder proposals, and consult with governments, regulators and organizations that set standards for responsible investment such as the Investor Alliance for Human Rights, Climate Action 100+ and the Financial Stability Board. They work to fight excessive compensation, get more women on corporate boards, drive the energy transition, and hold big pharma accountable for their role in the opioid crisis.

While SRIs can help align your money with your values and make an impact, they can help manage risk in your portfolio while providing the opportunity for higher returns.

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