Access thousands of surcharge-free ATMs.

As a Credit Union Member you have access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across Canada, and thousands more around the world, bearing The EXCHANGE, Cirrus, and ACCULINK® symbols.

ATM Features

​Pay your bills 

Once you've added a payee using Online or Mobile Banking, stop by an ATM to make bill payments.

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​Get US cash (select locations)

Grabbing US money has never been easier. Stop by one of our Thunder Bay locations before heading across the border to withdraw American money.

​Get fast cash

In a rush and forgot to grab cash? No worries, our ATMs have a one-touch $60 'fast cash' withdrawal option.

Other Great Features

  • Deposit cash or cheques directly into the ATM
  • Cash withdrawals in $20 and $50 increments
  • Instant receipt confirmation