How to pay
​your bills

Stay on top of your bills by paying them anytime or anywhere. Even schedule future or recurring payments so you never miss a due date again.

If you don't already have it, download our Mobile App. 

On your mobile device

1. Log into the Mobile App and tap Pay Bills

2. Choose the Account you want the money to come from

3. Select a Payee from your existing entries or add a new Payee. Select Add Payee at the top, search for the Payee account and enter the Account # to Add Payee.

4. Add the Amount, Frequency of payment and the Start and End Date

5. Once everything’s entered, tap Pay This Bill to finalize the payment

On your computer

1. Log into Online Banking and click Payments on the left navigation panel

2. Under Schedule Recurring Payments choose the Account and Payee from existing entries or add a new Payee

3. Add the Amount of the payment. Enter the Start and End date and the Frequency of payments

4. Once everything’s entered click Schedule to finalize the payment

At the ATM

Before you start, make sure the bill is set up as a payee in online banking.

1. Log in at the ATM

2. Select Electronic Bill Payment

3. Choose the Account you wish to withdrawal from

4. Enter the Amount

5. Select the Payee

6. Select 'Press if Correct' to finalize the payment 

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