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Advice We Wish
​We Knew in Our 20s

Hindsight is twenty-twenty. No, not the year (let’s try to forget about that for a couple minutes), we’re talking about reflecting on whether you could have done something differently to get a better outcome.

Retirement and other life events that involve money are a common time for people to ask themselves if their plan worked. Here’s some advice from newly or soon to be retired Members about what they wish they would have done differently when they were 20.

“Start saving as soon as you can”

Put away money early and you'll retire years sooner and/or have more financial freedom when you do. With compound interest, investing even $5/day puts you in control of your savings.


“Pay yourself first”

Set up automatic deposits or investments to achieve long-term goals while reducing impulse purchases and staying on top of your budget. Another advantage to doing this is you'll save on taxes at the end of the year.

“Watch your expenses”

Earn more by spending less. We’re guessing you probably don’t remember what you did with your money when you were younger, so wouldn’t it be great to have some of that now?  Creating and sticking to a budget is key.

“Educate yourself”

There’s lots of financial advice throughout this site, just take a look around or see where the links take you. However, talking to an expert who understands your unique situation and plan is the best bet. Book an appointment today to get in control of your financial future.


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