How to set up Me-to-Me
​Transfer using Online Banking

Moving money between your accounts at other Canadian financial institutions is secure, convenient and easy.

On your computer

​1. Log into Online Banking and click Transfer > Link External Accounts > Add an Account. Download and complete the Me-to-Me Money Transfer Authorization form and bring it into a branch with a void cheque.

2. We’ll need to set up the Me-to-Me Transfer with you in branch. The transfer account will be named after the financial institution. (i.e. Bay Credit Union Account). The name on both accounts must be the same.

3. Me-to-Me Transfers take about 48 hours to activate

Frequently Asked Questions

​Can I set up Me-to-Me Transfers from Online or Mobile Banking?

No, Me-to-Me Transfers must be set up in branch and can then be managed using Online Banking.

​What do I need to bring to set up my Me-to-Me Transfer?

You’ll need to bring a void cheque and a pre-authorized form from the other financial institution with you when you come into a branch.

​Once my Me-to-Me is set up, how long until I can transfer money?

​It takes about 48 hours for the setup to complete between Copperfin and the other financial institution, and for the amount to be deposited.