How to deposit a cheque on
the Copperfin app

Deposit Anywhere is a secure and convenient way of depositing cheques using a phone or tablet in minutes. Simply grab your mobile device, snap a picture of the cheque, and with a few more taps your funds are deposited into your account.

If you don't already have it, download our Mobile App.

On your mobile device

1. Login into the mobile app and tap Deposit

2. Choose the account you want to deposit the money into

3. Enter the amount on the cheque

4. Take a photo of the front and back of the cheque

5. Once everything’s entered, tap Continue to finalize the deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

​When I use Deposit Anywhere will I be able to access my funds right away?

All deposits will have a 5-business day hold. Holds can be customized in branch with proper approval.

​What should I do with my cheque after my deposit is complete?

Once you have received confirmation that your cheque was deposited, write the deposit date and confirmation number on the cheque for your records. Keep the cheque for 120 days then destroy it.

What type of cheques are accepted?

Only Canadian cheques in Canadian funds can be deposited.

Can I deposit cheque with a different currency?

No, not currently.

Is there a cost to use Deposit Anywhere?

No, it’s free!

​Are there deposit limits?

Any value over $25 million.