How to set up Account Alerts

Managing your day-to-day finances just got easier with Account Alerts. Receive text or email notifications for things like low balances, withdrawals or deposits over a certain amount, and much more.

If you don't already have it, download our Mobile App.

On your mobile device

​1. Log into the Mobile App and tap Alerts on the second page

2. Tap Manage and select the Alerts you wish to receive

3. Choose to receive Alerts by text or email and tap Save. For text, please enter your cell provider; if you’re a TBayTel customer please select Rogers Wireless.

4. Once the contact method has been entered, save the Alert

5. Review all set Alerts under the Received tab at the top

On your computer

1. Log into Online Banking and click Messages Alerts on the left navigation panel

2. Choose to receive Alerts by text or email and click Continue. For text, please enter a carrier; if you’re a TBayTel wireless customer select Rogers Wireless.

3. Click Manage Alerts and select the alert you wish to receive

4. Under the selected Alert, click Add. Then choose the contact method and click Submit.

5. Review your Alerts under Alert History on the left navigation panel

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