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Fall into Savings with Expense Management Tips

Summer had ended and fall is here. New seasons brings new reasons to spend money, whether is on seasonal beverages, higher heating bills or gearing up for those holiday purchases. Here are some tips to help you fall into savings this season.

Get outdoors
Thanksgivings coming and after the year we’ve had everyone is eager to get together safely with friends and family but remember it doesn’t need be at the expense of your wallet. Get outdoors, plan a walk or hike and make some memories. Pack a picnic and enjoy a nice day without breaking the bank on a fancy dinner.    

Skip the expensive coffees daily
Love coffee? Us too! We’re not suggesting giving up coffee, that would be silly but cutting back on purchasing seasonal lattes can help the savings. Brewing your own favourite coffees at home is much cheaper. Try purchasing some coffee syrups and get creative with your morning brews.

Get creative with your Halloween costume
Don’t let the Halloween scaries get your budget too! Store bought costumes might seem easier, but they are harder on your savings. Try a costume swap with some friends or neighbours or even get creative with a DIY. Sometimes those are the most memorable costumes to look back on.   

There are so many ways to save money this fall when you take action and commit to a plan. The fall season can be a nice change of pace for you and as the leaves change, why not make some simply changes to your financial habits as well.  

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