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What is Enhanced PAC?

Enhanced PAC increases the complexity of your mobile and online PACs to include a combination of alpha characters, numbers and special characters.

Why are we launching Enhanced PAC?

A stronger PAC means added security for you and your money.

How do I update my PAC to Enhanced PAC?

Simply log into your account using either your mobile device or desktop and you will be promoted. Click either mobile or online banking for step by step instructions.

What if I use telephone banking? How will this affect me?

If you are using telephone banking, you will be required to have 2 PACs: one for telephone banking and one for online/mobile banking. The reasoning for this is that telephone banking only accepts numeric PACs.

I'm a delegate on a signer account, can I change my PAC?

No, delegates can't log in and change their PAC until the signer has changed theirs. If you do log in before the signer has updated their PAC, you will receive an error message and your account will be inactive.

If you require additional support with accessing mobile or online banking or to reset you PAC please contact your local branch.