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Interac Flash MemberCards

Copperfin members will be receiving their new Interac® Flash MemberCards (credit union debit cards) in the mail very soon. Since this is a new feature, we want to make sure all your questions are answered and you know what to expect.

Interac Flash is a secure and convenient payment feature that lets you pay with your MemberCard by simply holding your card over the card reader at the cashier. This is also referred to as the “tap” feature.

After the “tap” is complete, an approved message will appear on the point of sale card reader. You will not be required to insert your card or type your PIN # in.

Please note that any new Flash MemberCards in 2017 will have a customized look with our Copperfin branded colours.

Below is an overview of the features of Interac Flash:

  • The transaction limit is $100. Anything over this amount will prompt you to insert your card and enter your PIN #. Some merchants will have transaction limits less than this.
  • The daily limit is $199. Again, anything over this amount will prompt a PIN #.
  • If your MemberCard is stolen, once you report this to us, you will not be responsible for any fraudulent transactions on your card.
  • If you decide Interac Flash is not for you, members can come into any one of our branches and opt out of the feature.

Here are some tips for when you receive your new card:

  • Your current debit card will no longer work within 45 days of receiving your new card
  • Activate your new card at any Copperfin ATM using the new PIN you receive in the mail, then change your PIN back at the same time
  • Pay for your first transaction after activating your new card by inserting the chip and entering your pin to enable Flash (tap)

If you've received your new debit card

These Interac Flash MemberCards will have a new PIN #, which will come in the mail a couple of days before the card does.

You can activate your new and change your PIN at any Copperfin branch or ATM.