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Frequently Asked Questions

Cheque Deposit - Mobile Only

When I use mobile cheque deposit, will I be able to access my funds right away?

All deposits will have a 2 business day hold. Holds can be customized in branch with proper approval.

What should I do with my cheque after my deposit is complete?

Once you have received confirmation that your cheque was deposited, write the deposit date and confirmation number on the cheque for your records. Keep the cheque for 120 days then destroy it.

What type of cheques are accepted using mobile cheque deposits?

Only Canadian cheques in Canadian funds can be deposited.

Can I deposit cheque with a different currency?

No, not at this time.

Is there a fee to use mobile cheque deposit?

No, Deposit Anywhere is a free feature.

Are there deposit limits?

There are no dollar value limits.

INTERAC e-Transfers (Send/Request Money)

How do I cancel an e-Transfer?

An e-Transfers can only be stopped by the Member if the recipient has not accepted the transfer. Log in to either Online or Mobile Banking and go to e-Transfers, and click Pending. Click on Cancel to cancel the e-Transfer.

What happens if the recipient answers the security question wrong?

Recipients have three attempts to correctly answer the security question before the transaction will remain 'pending' for the sender. The sender will then have to resend the transaction. To avoid this, ensure you provide the recipient with the password.

What are the e-Transfer limits?

The maximum dollar value you can send is $6000 in a 24 hour period, $20,000 in 7 days and $40,000 in 31 days.

The maximum dollar value you can receive is $20,000 in a 24 hour period, $140,000 in 7 days, and $600,000 in 31 days.

How much does it cost to send and receive e-Transfers?

There is a $1.00 fee to send an e-Transfer unless the account package allows for free e-Transfers. There is no fee to accept e-Transfers

Can I send money internationally?

No, money transfers can only be done from between Canadian financial institutions.

How quickly will my e-Transfer be sent?

An e-Transfer transaction is sent within approximately 30 minutes.

Can I decline a Request?

Yes, simply click the decline option on the fulfillment page.

Can I block someone from requesting money from me?

Yes, you can opt-out of receiving any requests from particular requestors on the fulfilment notification.

Are there additional costs to request money?

When you request money, the e-Transfer fee will apply to the requestor not the recipient fulfilling the request.


What is Autodeposit?

Autodeposit is a fast, secure and easy way to receive money without having to answer security questions for every transaction. All you need is an email address to link to your account.

Once registered, how will I know when someone sends me money?

You will receive an email or text message each time you receive money through Autodeposit.

How can I change my email address for Autodeposit?

To update your email address simply log in to online or mobile banking and click e-Transfer, then settings. You can edit your email address there.

How do I deactivate Autodeposit?

To deactivate your Autodeposit registration, log in to Online or Mobile Banking and click e-Transfers. Under Autodeposit you can delete the email registered.

How do I know if my recipient has Autodeposit set up?

You will know if the recipient has Autodeposit enabled when you create the e-Transfer and the security question, but an answer is not required.

Will I be notified when my recipient received the funds?

Yes, you will receive an email or text message indicating the funds have been deposited.

Schedule Recurring Pay Bills

How do I know if my bill has been paid?

Reviewing your account activity will indicate if the bill payment was debited from your account.

What happens if I don't have enough money in my account to pay the bill?

If there isn't enough money to cover the bill, the system will automatically try to withdraw for five business days. Setting up account alerts can notify you of a failed bill payment.

What if I want to cancel a payment?

Members can cancel payments using Online or Mobile Banking.

To cancel a payment on the Mobile app click Pay Bills- Scheduled - and choose the bill you would like to cancel.

To cancel a payment on Online Banking click Payments - View/Modify Scheduled Payments - and choose the bill you would like to cancel.

How do I add a payee?

To add a payee on the Mobile app click Pay Bills - Manage Payees - Add Payee. You can search or browse categories to find the Payee. Once you've selected, enter the account number and click Add Payee.

To add a payee on Online Banking click Payments - Add/Delete Payees - Add Payee. You can search or browse categories to find the Payee. Once you've selected, enter the account number and click Submit.

Setting up Account Alerts

How will I receive Copperfin alerts?

Copperfin Account Alerts are set up using Online or Mobile Banking App and can be received through email or text notifications, depending on your preferences.

Can I change my alerts?

Alerts can be managed and changed as often as you'd like through Online or Mobile Banking App.

Is there a cost to Copperfin alerts?

No, our alerts are completely free

Can I set up alerts for my Copperfin Collabria credit card?

No, not at this time. Credit Cards can be managed through Collabria.

Which Account Alerts are available?

Security Alerts

  • Personal Access Code Change
  • Online Banking Account Locked Out
  • Online Login

Balance and Activity Alerts

  • Interac e-Transfer Recipient Added
  • Balance Report
  • Generic Balance Report
  • Low Balance
  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal

Payment Alerts

  • Insufficient Funds
  • Scheduled Payment Failed
  • Scheduled Transfer Failed

Me-to-Me Transfers - Online Only

Can I set up Me-to-Me Transfers from Online or Mobile?

No, Me-to-Me Transfers must be set up in branch and can only be managed using Online Banking.

What do I need to bring to set up my Me-to-Me Transfer?

Members will need to bring a void cheque and a pre-authorized form from the other financial institution.

Once my Me-to-Me is set up, how long until I can transfer money?

It takes approximately 48 hours for the setup to be finalized between Copperfin and the other financial institution, and for the amount to be deposited.