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Saving Strategies

Whether you’re saving a little or saving a lot, good at it or bad, we can help with a range of products and services to easily maximize your savings strategy.

Round Up And Save Expand/Collapse

Effortless, free and designed for you if you don’t have specific savings goals. Your debit card purchases are automatically rounded up to the nearest dollar and your “spare change” is deposited into a High Interest or Tax Free Savings Account. You can choose to round up based on a percentage so it’s like tipping yourself!


  • The more you use your debit card, the faster your savings grow
  • Choose a dollar amount or percentage of your transactions
  • Access funds or cancel at any time
  • No additional fees

Recurring Contributions Expand/Collapse

For more structured savings plans, such as a vacation or a down payment on a house, recurring contributions involve transferring a specific amount of money from your everyday transaction account into a Savings account on a regular basis. We suggest aligning these with your pay days so you know the money’s available (and you won’t miss it as much!).


  • You choose the amount and frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) based on your goal(s) and budget
  • Change your contributions at any time
  • Earn more interest
  • No additional fees

Payroll Savings Expand/Collapse

If you have a hard time saving or with self-control (or both), a controlled Payroll Savings plan can still help you reach your goal. Regular contributions align with your pay days, and your savings are essentially locked in for one year with withdrawals before the year is up being subject to a $25 fee. In exchange, interest is compounded monthly so your savings grow quickly!


  • Contributions align with your pay cheques so you can avoid worrying about having extra money on specific days
  • Decide how much is deducted from each pay cheque or choose a specific savings goal
  • Make changes and stop saving all together at any point
  • Interest is calculated daily, compounded monthly and accumulates until funds are withdrawn
  • No annual fee, $25 cost to close/withdraw prior to one year, $10 cost to partially withdraw at any point