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Member Dividends

For the third straight year we’re giving profits back to our members, this year sharing almost $400,000 with close to 6,000 Copperfin owners, based on the amount of business with us and the amount of profit that business created.

Thank you, and here’s to another amazing year!

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When And How Will Dividends Be Returned?

If you’re receiving a dividend a deposit will be made to your account(s) during the week of May 8. In a few cases members will be receiving a cheque in the mail, which should also arrive that week, although shipping times may vary.

How Were Returns Determined?
Returns were shared proportionately to the amount of business members have with Copperfin, and how much profit that business generated. The minimum amount required to receive a return was an average of $10,000 in combined deposits, loans and investments in 2016. Meanwhile, if your total Copperfin business generated at least $200 in profit your return was given an additional multiplier to ensure it represented your proportionate contribution to our organization’s continued success.

Why Didn’t I Get A Dividend? Or, How Do I Get (A Bigger) One Next Year?
We determined our 2016 dividends (payable in 2017) based on the amount of business and profitability a member generated, as outlined above. Ultimately, the more business you have with Copperfin, or the more profit you generate, the more you get back. Contact us today to discuss products and services that could help move your financial life forward and ensure you get (more of) a return next year.

Why Did You Return Less Than Last Year?
Based on your feedback in our member survey and in numerous discussions, giving back to our community is becoming more and more important, especially compared to sharing profit. As such, we’re investing $100,000 more in our community this year, ensuring meaningful impacts are made to the places we call home. Overall we still return almost twice as much profit to our members than we give back to community initiatives.