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With Copperfin, your money remains invested in our local communities. We’re giving back over $400,000 to more than 6000 Members. Because of your continued commitment, we’re able to share profits with our Members for the fourth year in a row.

Dividends will be deposited directly to your account(s) the week of November 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

How were dividends calculated? Expand/Collapse

Dividends were determined based on the amount of business you had with us and the amount of profit that business created in 2017. Members with a minimum of $10,000 in total deposits, loans and investments were elgible to receive a Dividend.

When and how will dividends be returned? Expand/Collapse

If you’re receiving a Dividend a deposit will be made to your account(s) during the week of November 5. In some cases Members will be receiving a cheque in the mail, which should also arrive that week.

Why didn’t I get a dividend? Or, how do I get (a bigger) one next year? Expand/Collapse

Members who had at least $10,000 in total deposits, loans and investments in 2017 were elgible to receive a Dividend. Please ensure to check different accounts and Member #s you have with us; we tried to combine as much of your business with us as possible to give you the biggest return. Ultimately, the more business you have with Copperfin the more you get back. Contact us today to discuss products and services that could help move your financial life forward and ensure you get (more of) a return next year.