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The results are in! We asked you to tell us how we’re doing and where you’d like to see improvements. You scored your overall experience in the 90s and told us you trust us and find us easy to work with. Thanks to everyone who responded!

93% report positive experiences

Plus over a third of you said you were wowed and less than 1% had a terrible experience! While this is really good news, we’re committed to evolving further to go above and beyond to wow more of you more often. This year you’ll enjoy paperless account opening and lending, which will ensure not only a faster experience, but it also frees up more time to spend discussing how we can support you on your financial journey.

90% trust us to move your financial lives forward

You trust us, you really do! 90% of you trust us to move their financial lives forward, with about 2/3 saying you completely trust us. Learn more below about how we’re committed to taking our knowledge and advice to another level.

Over 80% find our services convenient in-branch, online, at our ATMS or on mobile

While not where we want to be, we’re still happy that over 80% of you found us convenient to work with. Thankfully we have some big things coming in the next few months to address it.

Our Telephone Banking is aging and your feedback reflects it. However, over 75% of you claim you don't use it and we continue to see more Members connecting online and on social media. There are changes coming to our phones to make it easier to reach us, but further enhancements to Telephone Banking are not planned as we focus on more frequently used services.

  1. We love how you help us make good choices for our finances and how comfortable we feel to talk with you.
  2. The people working at Copperfin are focused on personal attention – listening to me and clarifying my concerns. They know my name and the names of my family and always return phone calls in a timely manner. We wouldn't bank anywhere else, thank you!
  3. I’m confident with the advice I’ve been given and secure in the knowledge. I can ask lots of questions to help us make the proper decisions to move us and our finances forward.
  4. The personal interactions are wonderful. I don't feel like a number.
  5. My trust is in Copperfin and the knowledge displayed whenever I go in.
  6. I couldn't imagine service being any better with Copperfin. They’ve helped me in my hardest financial times.

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Member Suggestions

We received some great suggestions on how to serve you better, ranging from selling gold to being more prominent on social media to providing small business grants. What you’re telling us you want most, though, is more advice, better online and mobile banking, and easier ways to connect with us. Read on to find out how we're making improvements in those areas, and know that our Senior Leadership Team have read every comment you provided.

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  • “Reaching out proactively with advice might help since I am not educated in financial services”
  • “Offer a few more options for growing investments”
  • “Have a certified financial investor on staff”

We can definitely help with this! We’ve been busy training our Team over the last couple of years, including increasing the number of licensed Mutual Fund Advisors and ensuring all Team Members have the knowledge to provide helpful, personal financial advice. At the time of writing this we’re in the process of hiring another Financial Planner and we have a much larger range of investment options and plans than most Members know about. Don’t be shy – it’s ok for you to ask us! You don’t even need a specific reason, just book a chat, we’re always here for you.

Need more convincing? Here are a couple more Member testimonies from the survey.

  • “Copperfin makes it easy to adjust and get advice on my long term goals and planning.”
  • “Copperfin is amazing for helping clients with achieving financial goals.”

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  • “My only suggestion would be to make online banking a little bit easier to use.”
  • “Improvements to the app would be helpful, especially navigation and performance”

As more and more of you rely on our online banking and mobile app everyday, your need to keep up to date with technology is loud and clear. Good news: new online banking and a new mobile app are coming in 2020! They’ll be faster and easier use, with more frequent updates to ensure the convenience and functionality you need at home, at work, and on the go.

That said, it sounds like our current online and mobile services are already pretty good:

  • “Love the ease of online banking and the banking app!”
  • “Using online banking and ATMs means I rarely use a branch. This suits me just fine.”

More good news: some of your suggestions were for things you can already do:

  • “I would like to be able to use my phone for debit payments i.e. Apple Pay android pay etc”
  • “Send alerts if the account is going into overdraft”

Mobile Wallets (using your phone or mobile device to pay from your debit or credit card) launched last year, and you can get texts or emails when you go below a minimum balance, a withdrawal or deposit is made, you’ve missed a payment, or there’s unusual activity on your account. Click here for more information about these and other online and mobile tools available to you.

Be Easier To Get In Touch With Expand/Collapse

  • “I would like if it was easier to talk to a real person on the phone”
  • “Sometimes it takes a while to get back to me”
  • “Have someone available to speak with 24/7 in case of emergencies”

We agree, and we’re working on extended service and support in 2020. Renovations in Thunder Bay and trying to get all of our branches onto the same phone system has been challenging, but we’re almost through it. Thank you so much for your patience.

Thankfully, most of you told us you’re not having issues:

  • “Always returns phone calls and handles all questions that arise with no pause. Very knowledgeable!”
  • “I was really happy with the ease of communication and how much effort the team put in for us.”
  • “You don't have to wait very long to have someone call back or when you're waiting for a meeting. They’re pretty quick at getting customers through.”