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2016 CRA T5 Information

While the T5 you received in the mail was accurate, a T5 file that did not include member dividends was uploaded to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Once the error was identified the correct file was immediately provided to replace it. Unfortunately the CRA has yet to remove the original file.

As such, there are currently two T5s listed on the CRA site for members who received both dividends and interest income when there should only be one; the correct file is the one processed on March 10 (outlined on the CRA site).

Correct T5: March 10

Incorrect T5: February 24

We apologize for the error and remain in constant contact with CRA who have assured us their file will be updated but also to expect delays due to the busy time of year. For tax purposes please use the amount indicated on the T5 you received in the mail. 

If you or your accountant have any questions please contact your local branch.