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As a member at Copperfin, you are an owner and member of the community, but what does that really mean? Well, as an owner, you are a shareholder with the ability to vote on the Board of Directors, have a say in the direction of the company and also have a chance to share in the profits of the Credit Union. As community involvement is very important, you as a member will be assisting in providing support for local events, youth sports and many other activities.

How to Join?

There are two ways to join Copperfin Credit Union:

  1. Simply drop by your nearest branch and speak to one of our friendly member service representatives OR
  2. Click here to fill out a Membership Application online! (You will be required to visit your branch of choice to verify your identity and make a $25 deposit into your Membership share account). 

Please Note

Please note that unfortunately the following accounts are unable to be opened online and will require you to visit your nearest branch.

Accounts with Power of Attorney
Business Accounts
Third Party
US Chequing Accounts


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